15 design items in one package:

Bootstrap v.4 Landing Page HTML web templates

This professionally coded Starter Landing Pages Kit by Bootstraptor’s team suited any business needs. This flexible starter pages will help you to build MVP’s, apps landings pages and product one-pages as well, easily!

“If you think that Bootstrap templates are not enough for you, you should go with @Bootstraptor. You will have a wide range to select from, which automatically gives you a lot of interesting things to work with.” –  InspireTrends.com

🌿See what Included:

  • 15 Landing Pages based on the Bootstrap v4.0.*
  • Smooth Scroll mobile optimized
  • Parallax one pages
  • 8 CSS/SASS themes Bootstrap v4 stable version.
    • + GulpJs CLI builder SASS compiler
    • User documentation

See live demos on the links below:


1. Beautiful parallax landing page

Demo: http://demo.bootstraptor.com/starter-kit-pro/landing-scroller-parallax.html

+Landing Pages

2.  Amazing landing page

Demo: http://demo.bootstraptor.com/starter-kit-pro/lp-img-right.html


3. Landing Page for you

Demo: http://demo.bootstraptor.com/starter-kit-pro/landing.html


4. Online platform landing page

Demo: http://demo.bootstraptor.com/starter-kit-pro/saas.html


5. Online platform landing page 2

Demo: http://demo.bootstraptor.com/starter-kit-pro/saas-demo.html


6. Multi items landing page

Demo: http://demo.bootstraptor.com/starter-kit-pro/landing-page-multi-items.html


7. Orange landing page

Demo: http://demo.bootstraptor.com/starter-kit-pro/lp-img-right-orange.html


8. App page

Demo: http://demo.bootstraptor.com/starter-kit-pro/lp-devices-center-bottom.html


9. Beautiful landing page bootstrap 4

Demo: http://demo.bootstraptor.com/starter-kit-pro/lp-device-center3.html

10. Blueprints landing page bootstrap 4

Demo: http://demo.bootstraptor.com/starter-kit-pro/lp-device-center2.html

11. White landing page

Demo: http://demo.bootstraptor.com/starter-kit-pro/lp-img-left2.html


12. Landing page

Demo: http://demo.bootstraptor.com/starter-kit-pro/landing-blueprints.html


13. Smooth scroll navigation landing page

Demo: http://demo.bootstraptor.com/starter-kit-pro/landing-scroller.html

14. CryptoStap landing page

Demo: http://demo.bootstraptor.com/starter-kit-pro/crypto-landing.html

15. Bootstrap 4 squeeze page

Demo: http://demo.bootstraptor.com/starter-kit-pro/squeeze.html

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  • Do it better with Clean, Organized Code

    The beautiful thing about Bootstrap is that all code is clearly labeled and easy to follow. That means it’s easy to update as well. And all KIT templates included in this collection not only meet today’s Web design standards, but they’re also a breeze to follow. No extraneous HTML classes or dirty layers of CSS styles. Only the default bootstrap 4 and some magic.

  • Make Bootstrap 4.0 themes easily (CSS+SASS+Gulp)

    In addition to all those useful Bootstrap templates, your purchase of this Deal includes 5 fabulous Bootstrap 4.0 themes color swatches to liven up the look of your site. Each theme features the necessary CSS and SASS code + Gulp file for advanced developers. The primary color in this templates based on one of the custom Bootstrap 4 themes. You can always change any color or choose from pre-styled Themes Collection.

Good for Newbies

Just replace the pictures and text and your website is ready. Change the stylesheet from the appended to your tastes. Get the perfect result at once and move gradually to your side as a pro.

Good for Pro’s

If you are a professional developer or a freelancer, you will find all the necessary parts for yourself – correctly structured Sass files and a Sass precompiler with a Gulp file.

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If you think that Bootstrap templates are not enough for you, you should go with Bootstraptor. You will have a wide range to select from, which automatically gives you a lot of interesting things to work with.

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What you’ll get:

  • 10+ 15 Bootstrap v4 pages
  • 8 CSS themes – color swatches
  • Sass files
  • GulpJs file CLI SASS compiler
  • User Documentation
  • 1 year Lifetime free updates
  • Commercial License
  • All for the small price as 0.50 cents for each template
  • Tons and more of a free saved time 

Hey! Bootstraptor themes nominated at the CSSFOX  design awards. Come vote for us here http://cssfox.co/bootstrap-4-starter-kit-pro

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Bootstrap Themes all include free updates, including compatibility upgrades for Bootstrap patches and even Bootstrap 4. Need help? We are here for you to provide excellent support:

  • Free updates: Each theme comes with updates for the life of the theme. This means you’ll never pay for any bug-fixes and compatibility upgrades for your theme, ever.
  • Technical support: We’re here to help with your Bootstrap Themes questions. Shoot us an email on Support page and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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