This wireframes is, in essence, a blueprint for a web design.

The Issue

Wireframing is a quick and effective way to identify usability issues early on in your design process. But you probably spend a large percentage of your time creating wireframes either by hand with paper and pencil or using digital tools.

Time Saver

Typically, the majority of man-hours in a web design project are spent in implementation and coding. The good part about this Kit is that, obviously, you’re saving time at the development end by using coded wireframes.

  • Web-based

    Web-based wireframe allows your client to see what the layout would look like in a real web browser.

  • No assets needed

    Simplify the work, all dependencies refer to stable CDN official resources. Only one flat HTML file. Upload to the FTP server or send by email. All you need is an internet connection.

  • Native Bootstrap v.4

    Only pure Bootstrap v4 is used. No extra classes, styles and dependencies. You do not need to redo or adapt anything. Works with any bootstrap project by default.


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