This Bootstrap collection will solve all your needs for a long time to craft unique Bootstrap themes, themes for every taste, color, and style.

  • Easy installation – just change default Bootstrap v. 3 style file (bootstrap.css) to theme.css and it’s done!
  • Styles applied to all default Bootstrap elements
  • Easy customization with LESS files (variables.less, theme.less included for every theme)
  • Pixel perfect design for all Bootstrap elements
  • Modern and classic styles, colors for your choice: flat themes, gradient styles, glossy, white or dark, creative themes for any taste
  • Example HTML templates included to every theme

Bootstrap facelift in minutes.

Sometimes simplicity is a bit too… well, simple. The Twitter Bootstrap framework is a fantastic arrangement of well-organized code to make websites run faster and smoother. Unfortunately, it also comes with an incredibly simplistic and straightforward layout. If you’re looking to spice things up while still sticking with the Twitter Bootstrap format, it can be a time-consuming effort… or it can be a snap!

With this mighty deal from Bootstraptor, you won’t just get a cool new style to update your Bootstrapped site with. No, you’ll get 22 gorgeous themes! That’s 22 incredible new ways to show off your amazing site. You’ll retain the same amazing organization and site speed but gain an entirely new and exciting look.

Bootstrap 3.0 Themes Bundle Highlights:

  • 22 Twitter Bootstrap Themes
    The Twitter Bootstrap framework is a popular choice among Web designers these days. Why shouldn’t it be? The framework offers condensed and well-organized HTML and CSS code for easy customization and faster site speed. However, the framework only includes a few sample templates to work with. What if you wanted to really change things up in terms of look and feel? Not only will this Mighty Deal get you a new Twitter Bootstrap theme to play around with, but you’ll also get 22 high-quality themes!
  • Change Up Your Site Style
    With these themes, you can give your entire site a full makeover in just a matter of seconds. Use these themes to change up the look of just about every site element including headers, fonts, buttons, labels, alerts, breadcrumbs, forms, dropdowns, images and so much more!
  • Responsive Design
    This collection of Twitter Bootstrap themes are all built with a responsive layout in mind. That means they’ll look marvelous on any device, whether your users are viewing your site on a laptop, iPad, smartphone, or any other type of device!
  • Variety of Styles
    With 22 themes, you’ve got a nice variety of styles and colors, both modern and classic. Styles include flat, classic, glossy, white, dark, creative, and more.
  • Simple to Install
    These themes could not be any easier to install. Simply change up the file name of the default Bootstrap CSS file and you’re done! Instant makeover!
  • Personal and Commercial Use
    Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gives you the license to use any or all of these Bootstrap Twitter themes on your own personal projects or any client work.
  • Customer Service
    Need help with any of these themes? Not to worry. You’ll receive free customer support from Bootstraptor.

The 22 Bootstrap themes included in this bundle:


1. Flat Dark UI Demo)

2. MNML brown ( Demo)

3. Glossy Blue ( Demo)

4. System Dreamer ( Demo)

5. Blueprint Flat (Demo)

6. Black Classic ( Demo)

7. Classic Blue ( Demo)

8. Black Alternative (Round Buttons) ( Demo)

9. WhiteFlatty Demo)

10. WhiteFlatty (Alternative Color Scheme) ( Demo)

11. Robotron Orange Demo)

12. Robotron Yellow ( Demo)

13. Black&Blue ( Demo)


14. Black&White ( Demo)

15. Classic Plus (Demo)

16. Flat UI (Orange – Dark) (Demo)

17. Flat White-Blue (Demo)

18. GlossyFlat Green (Demo)

19. DRONE Dark UI ( Demo)

20. Full-width skin ( Demo)

21. Flat Brown (Demo)

22. WhiteGreen flat (Demo)


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Just apply these themes to your Bootstrap 3 project without any changes, and provide customers with surprisingly good results in a matter of minutes!

Stunning time-saving as the low price on this collection!
How to Customize with Less:
only need to change the 5 basic bootstrap colors in the LESS files, it is just 5 lines of code

How to customize this themes:

1. Change the colors in LESS file to your brand-book colors
2. Compile LESS file and your new theme is ready
3. Add link to CSS file to your template head tag


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Bootstrap Themes all include free updates, including compatibility upgrades for Bootstrap patches and even Bootstrap 4. Need help? We are here for you to provide excellent support:

  • Free updates: Each theme comes with updates for the life of the theme. This means you’ll never pay for any bug-fixes and compatibility upgrades for your theme, ever.
  • Technical support: We’re here to help with your Bootstrap Themes questions. Shoot us an email on Support page and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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