Today you need to launch and grow own online service just to survive!   

Four years ago I created my unique product – and now it has become the standard in web design – Blocks

Blocks SaaS white-label licenses for service providers and startups!

Yes! that’s right – open-sourced and white label!

This means that you can run your own website builder online! And sell subscriptions to your customers under your own brand with my app code

Typically, you will spend from $20,000 – $30,000 to develop an app like Blocks website builder and about 1-2 years in time.

But with ready-made Blocks web app, you can win a race and get additional users and more profit very quickly and easily.

And it will cost you Ten Times Cheaper than regular startup cases!

BLOCKS builder SaaS License included:

  • Self-hosted (SaaS)
  • Open Source-code
  • White-label license
  • Unlimited end users
  • Updates for 1 year
  • Support for 6 months
  • Full documentation
  • Ease of integration –  you just need to add user registration and save HTML files to your backend
  • or embed the application in your existing system


Live demo 

  • With BLOCKS your users can Easily Create Professional Websites faster than ever

BLOCKS is awesome and incredibly simple to use tool that will help your users burn through website creation time with holy fire.

It features 100 Content Blocks, Headers, Navbars, Footers, Grids, and everything else users may need to roll out websites in record times,

as well as Unsplash API integration to access thousands of free stock photos, 600+ Google Web Fonts, Material & FontAwesome Icons, built-in HTML, CSS, and JS editors,

a visual drag & drop interface where you can quickly and easily pick the elements you like, drop them where you want them, and see how the website will look by working directly in your browser, all in real-time.

Included you’ll find 25 ready-made templates,

and the possibility to easily import/export projects and templates at any moment.

Building websites can be hard. Building them rapidly can be darn near impossible.

BLOCKS is an amazing drag and drop site builder based on Bootstrap. It’s absolutely perfect for pulling a site together quickly.

Using BLOCKS really is as simple as dragging and dropping elements wherever you’d like them. Entirely browser-based, you don’t need to worry about any complex installs — and it works on Mac and Windows.

Most designers pitch to potential clients using static mock-ups, and perhaps a few sketches. BLOCKS lets you prototype projects so rapidly that you’ll be able to walk into that meeting with an awesome interactive mock-up that will blow your new client away.

Your users will get:

  • Visual Bootstrap Website Builder App That Works Directly In Your Browser
  • See What You’re Building In Real-Time
  • Sections Made With Responsive Designs
  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • Built-In HTML, CSS, and JS Editors
  • 100 Content Blocks
  • 25 Ready To Use Templates
  • Easy Import/Export Templates Function
  • Material Design & FontAwesome Icons
  • Incredibly Simple To Use

BLOCKS uses an HTML Bootstrap template system, so you can preview what you’re building as you create it. But if that’s not fast enough for you, there’s a number of pre-built Bootstrap templates included kickstarting your process.

The majority of BLOCKS elements are fully responsive, meaning that your projects will look awesome on any device.

Over 25 Templates To Choose From

Start with our easily-customizable templates and build your own variations making each page 100% unique to you…

Choose from our over 25 pre-built templates to quickly and easily create high converting, beautifully designed web pages

All the HTML block sections are free from styles initially. Add background images from the 88000 free CC stock collection built-in,

Easily change the colors, sizes, and styles of the elements, add fonts from the Google fonts collection from a simple interface,  replace or move blocks in places and even create your own templates with drag-and-drop editor save as a template and then use them again.

See the Live demo of HTML sections

14 drag-and-drop widgets and elements

Access a wide range and variety of customizable design and function elements such as:

Text, Images, Videos, Buttons,  Columns, Pre-made backgrounds, And much more…

Highlights in a nutshell:

  • Simple-to-build Website Page Builder
  • 100+ modular component blocks to build your design
  • Robust, flexible Bootstrap design means all pages are fully responsive
  • 88000’s of ready-to-use Creative Common images
  • Dive right in with 25 pre-made demo pages


 BLOCKS Features

  • Simple to Use.  Now you can easily create websites in a matter of minutes! Using BLOCKS’ Drag-and-Drop Builder, just move the sections you’d like to where you’d like them. It’s as easy as that! Note: Minimum knowledge of HTML is required in order to take advantage of all of the Bootstrap features with this simple to use static website generator. Ready-made responsive templates and blocks, material design palette, Google fonts, inline style editor, PHP contact form, eye-catching modern design and plenty of features to simplify website creating
  • Browser-Based.  Blocks is a browser-based application, so it works on any web server online. There’s no need to install this software on your computer.
  • Built-In HTML Code Editor.  Talk about useful! HTML, CSS, JS code editors based on the ACE will allow advanced users to significantly expand possibilities. Emmet and Zen coding are also available.
  • See The Templates As You Create Them.  You’ll be able to see the templates directly as you’re creating them, then simply transfer the code to your file and you’ll be able to view them locally or upload them to a web server.
  • Google Fonts.  Choose from a pretty endless supply of fonts in your templates with Blocks. Featuring the vast Google Fonts library, you just need to click on a font name to select it for your template.
  • Contact form PHP.  Just add a preinstalled contact form block, change the email address to your own and upload to hosting.
  • Ready to use the responsive sections.  Blocks offer responsive HTML sections in separate files, covering headers, content, and footers. See the previews of a few sections below.
  • Responsive Designs. Most of the sections have been built with a responsive design. They’ve also been tested on the most popular browsers and devices to help speed up the launch of your websites.
  • Export/Import templates and blocks.  Import / Export templates and blocks, including your styles and scripts for editing later, or save it as HTML.
  • Material design Icons Plus FontAwesome.  Material Design icons set plus popular FontAwesome icons are integrated into the core of this builder
  • Material design coloring tool. BLOCKS includes a stylesheet that improves elements from the default Bootstrap 3 styles to the Material Design styles. You can also use your own styles, as well as any preset styles from BLOCKS. This tool greatly simplifies the work with material design colors.
  • Detailed Documentation.  Includes detailed documentation about all features of the program for a quick start and project development.

9000+ BLOCKS customers can’t be wrong!

“Have you heard about @bootstraptor yet? They are blowing up, with tools for web development with Bootstrap”  –

 Head over to grab your BLOCKS SAAS license today!



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